DaD DESIGN "St.Thomas House" ~ DaD Design @ FaMESHed

"St. Thomas House" is a meeting between Caribbean style and the American Victorian architecture.
It 'a big house characterized by large verandas, perfect for creating outdoor living rooms, surrounding the house. Inside a large octagonal hall which gives access to 4 rooms.
The central ceiling ends with a skylight from which the light enters.
Customize your home has never been easier!

DaD DESIGN "St. Thomas House Textures Roof HUD"
Wear HUD and stay near the middle of house (not less 20mt) 
5 roof textures are available: blue - grey - green - brown -red

Scattered around the house there are buttons and by touch to access the menu where areas of the house have been loaded:
For each zone, there is 74 pre-loaded colors to choose from, to personalize your new home and make it unique internally and externally.

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
ACCESS: Level 0 (everyone); Level 1 Authorized Only (add a simple notecard with complete name of avatar - not the display name -; Level 2 Owner only (default).

Even the floors can be easily changed:
Edit Mode ---- Select face
and you can add your favorite flooring texture