About me

I am a Fashion & Decor Blogger
I am what i am and i blog what i like
I am the person behind this blog
I am the person behind shi.s.poses

20 facts about me!

My name is shiva swords
I´m over 8 years in Second Life.
I am a little bit crazy. 
I work with photoshop.
I love it to make pictures inworld.
My blog is my hobby & love
My english is very bad.
I am being honest.
I am over 18. 
I am single.
I love beautitful voices.
I´m not a little girl. 
I´m imperfect.
I love pants.
I love high heels.
I love music.
I love brown eyes.
I love men with long hair.
I come from Germany.
AAANNNDDD.... i look forward to you. 

My equipment

Catwa Bento Head
Maitreya Body

Feel free to send me a NC inworld.
 Shiva Swords.